This social emotional learning PUPPET video lesson and social story game on the size of the problem teaches students the difference between big and little problems. Learning the difference between big problems and little problems will help students manage their emotions more appropriately when problems occur. *Note- You will need the internet ONLY to view the puppet video.

Find the lesson here: Size Of The Problem -Puppet 

This social emotional lesson is very low prep, easy to use and effective! The lesson will come with a Puppet Video (Link for VIMEO video included – NO ADS, but does require internet) and PDF lesson to be used on a digital device or by printing it out. There are additional questions on each page to further the social emotional learning. After the main lesson students can color the printable award that comes with it. Let’s begin our lesson on Size Of The Problem.

Find the game here: Size Of The Problem/Puppet 

Similar Digital Version on Boom Learning: Big or Little Problem? -Boom Cards

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