Teaching students about skin color can feel uncomfortable for many people but it is a conversation that needs to be talked about early on.  Allow these puppet videos to help with that! To also help with this, allow students to ask questions, talk about where skin color comes from, about how everyone has a skin color but that doesn’t make them the person they are, ect. We live in a colorful world and that is what makes us so great! 

Objective: To understand that we all have different colored skin but that doesn’t make us who we are.

How will learning take place? Through TWO engaging puppet video lessons on diversity from two different perspectives: A boy with light skin and a girl with colored skin followed by a social story game.  

Why teach this? Teaching students about diversity when they are still young will have a profound impact on how they view each other as they grow up.

Additional Components (not included in the digital version on Boom Learning): There will be discussion questions, a transition activity to close the lesson as well as an extended learning idea on how to embed this casually into your classroom throughout the week or even better the year!

Find the game here: All Skin Colors Are Beautiful (Puppet) 

Similar Digital Version on Boom Learning: All Skin Colors Are Beautiful

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