Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying busy but it can be difficult to find numerous activities for your children to do around the house all day, everyday. They want to play with friends and have sleepovers. They want to go to parks and play areas….they basically just want to be social.  I am going to share with you some of the things my kids are doing at home in hope that you find them useful. Since shopping outside of your home isn’t quite so simple anymore I am trying to use items that I can find at home which makes it simple for anyone to do!

BOXES!! What kid doesn’t like boxes? As adults we look at boxes as recycling — get an Amazon package and out it goes into the recycling. Luckily, that is just not how kids are wired to think. They see a box and they see endless possibilities. This is one of the simplest ways of expanding their imagination. Just give your child a box and see what they do with it.  My kids explored a large box today and they loved it. I printed off letters and pictures that I got off the internet and gave them to the kids to glue onto the box (you could also just write letters on a paper and cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, recycling boxes such as crackers, noodles, etc.).

Ollie (3) had fun searching for letters in the pile put on the floor and Max (5) enjoyed trying to spell words (some of the words he was trying to spell were too inappropriate to be pictured – HA!).

Through this activity my kids were recognizing letters, putting letters together to form words and making sounds of the letters all while “playing.” They had a blast for over an hour gluing and building and tomorrow I’m sure they’ll be back at it again!