Oftentimes kids feel sad but don’t know what to do to help themselves feel better so we need to teach them positive choices of what to do. It is okay to feel sad because we all feel that way sometimes but teaching kids what to do with that emotion will help them to move on more quickly.

Objective: To help students understand what positive choices they can make when they are sad.

How will learning take place? Through an engaging game to help students practice distinguishing the difference between appropriate behaviors when they are sad and inappropriate behaviors.

Additional Components (not included in the digital version on boom learning): There will also be a printable activity sheet to go right along with this game, a transition activity to close the lesson as well as an extended learning idea on how to embed this casually into your classroom throughout the week or even better the year!

Find the game here: When I Feel Sad I Might…

Similar Digital Version on Boom Learning:When I Feel Sad I Might-Boom Cards

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