It was my nephew, Peyton’s 1st birthday a few weeks ago and we struggled with what to get him. He has two older brothers so he has all the clothes and toys any boy could ask for and really…how much do babies really know about gifts at 1 anyways?

So, we decided to make a gift that was useful, yet fun…..A diaper box turned car +diapers. A recycled diaper box car including diapers for your 1 year old to sit in, pretend play for awhile and then destroy. Kids love to play with cardboard and when you hear people say “they like the box more than the present” this was literally us. Happy 1st Birthday Peyton! 

To note:

  • We made the dashboard out of one of the sides of the top!
  • We wrapped the box in white paper before the kids painted the box.* We used aluminum foil to create the dashboard
  • We had left over happy birthday plates from a previous party so we used those for wheels but you can use just regular paper plates
  • We used plastic cups for the lights and painted the bottoms yellow
  • I used a hot glue gun to attach all parts
  • The license plate got glued on the back but was just made out of a piece of cardboard wrapped in paper with his name as the numbers and the tabs/year his birthday month/year