How many pegs do the Duplos have?  For #stemplaytoday today we did a little math and  a little engineering. As I have mentioned before, my kids love Legos and Duplos so I bring them into activities a lot! My goal of this activity was to work on counting and subitizing but there is so much more learning going on here such as:

  1. Color Matching
  2. Number Recognition
  3. Shape recognition
  4. Subitizing 
  5. Engineering!
  6. Fine Motor

All of the above for a simple set-up, easy activity!  I first created the tree with the Duplos and then I outlined the spots where the Duplos should go. I wrote the number of pegs the Duplo should have in each box (notice I didn’t use Duplos with the same amount of pegs for this reason). Then I gave my kids the Duplos and had them engineer the tree by matching, counting and subitizing!

Best part is this tree doesn’t need to be made out of Duplos– It could be anything–get creative! CHALLENGE: Don’t give your child the exact Duplos they will be using rather have them look through a bin of Legos/Duplos/Blocks for the correct pieces.