Calling all Grandmas, Moms, Dads, Special people in your lives! They could all use a little “kid” love.  My kids had a lot of fun with this activity because they got to paint…A LOT!

The best part is it’s a VERY simple activity that you can do with things you’ve likely got around the house. You’ll start by gathering some rocks for a vase, then have the kids use a bunch of different colors to paint them however they want.

Divide the bottom half of an egg carton into thirds to create the flowers — when creating the stem of the flower I used two Popsicle sticks that my kids painted green and glued together along with a sparkly pipe cleaner to wrap around the stem. 

When assembling the flowers, I used hot glue for some extra durability, but you could certainly use regular craft glue or even super glue. This is a wonderful activity that moms, grandmas or anyone special would LOVE to receive as a gift!