FABULOUS FRIDAY FUN!! This is EASY, SIMPLE, MESSY and CHEAP!  We decided to get messy and try this activity. Messy isn’t always my favorite because …let’s get real, clean up is not fun. However, it was so fun for my kids so it was worth it!

There is so much going on in this activity…Measuring and pouring, scooping, color mixing, dipping, baking, crashing and smashing! That’s a whole lot of skills that come along with one activity which is why I gave it a go–it kept them busy for awhile! And of course, my boys LOVED smashing them–it was finally something that was okay to break


  • *1 cup flour
  • *1 cup water
  • *Have your kids measure and pour the above ingredients in a bowl and then transfer to smaller containers (I used a muffin tin)
  • *Add food coloring (I only allowed red, yellow and blue food coloring so that we could talk about what would happen when we mix colors)
  • *Dip cotton balls into your flour and water containers-try to cover the whole thing (My kids loved this part because it was messy. Put the cotton balls on a tray covered in wax paper)
  • * Bake for 30-40 mins at 350 degrees (cotton balls should be hard)
  • *Peel them off wax paper and crash and smash! Or, you can crack them–they were fun to pick apart after they were smashed!