Do your kids love “cutting” the grass like mine do?! It’s so fun for them every once in a while to give the grass a nice little trim with scissors! So we decided today to cut some grass along with weeds! It was fun for both boys because when they are cutting, “things” are breaking and what’s not fun about that? 

After we spent some quality time “trimming” weeds and grass we put all our grass into a blender and that was another big experience! I asked them about the blender and what they thought it would do to the grass? They said “stir it” and “mix it” but I don’t think they truly knew that it would shred it way down. It was fun for them to watch!  

We then took some cookie cutters and made grass shapes outside! If your child fills the cutter with blended grass and pats it down it will form into the cookie cutter shape! The grass acted almost like a mold because after it was shredded it was moist from the water in the weeds!  It was all around a fun activity that kept them occupied for quite some time!