EASY. SIMPLE. FUN! Who doesn’t love bubbles? They are fascinating for young children..even babies! As an early childhood educator, I use bubbles with my students for separation anxiety as well as with those students who need a calming tool. There is something about the calming and mysterious effect that they bring to everyone.. even teachers!

Although this activity isn’t to calm anyone, it is still a fun bubble activity for kids to do and my kids really enjoyed it because the bubbles erupt just as a volcano would! Just remind your kids about two things before they begin:

  • 1. Not to suck in on the straw, but blow out!
  • 2. They can blow bubbles in the box, but not in their mealtime cup …ha!

To Do: Fill some small cups/containers with water and a squirt of dish soap. Mix the solution and set the cups in a box or outside. Use a straw to continuously blow into the soap solution!