We just so happened to get a package in the mail the other day with bubble wrap in it! I get excited when I see bubble wrap because I know the possibilities it has for activities! Last summer I taught a preschool camp all on bubble wrap.  At the time I thought it would be extremely hard to teach about and form activities around but it really wasn’t. The kids actually taught me a lot about bubble wrap and what “kids” would do with it which helped when planning activities. 

Funny story: My teacher assistant and I set out bubble wrap for the kids of the camp to walk in on when they entered the classroom.  And that lasted all about 20 seconds until the noise was just unbearable. “It would be fun they said.”

How to: Color the bubbles with permanent markers at random (took me 5-10 minutes). I thought it was actually therapeutic when coloring. Then I just asked Max (5) to pop all the red ones, blue ones, ect.  You could also pop in a pattern style (red,blue,red,blue), counting by twos and popping two at once, or you could even color in bubbles that form into shapes –whatever your child is practicing!