Button Practice! Zipping and buttoning are skills we work a lot on in preschool because they are so important to promote independence! Both can be super tricky and require some great fine motor skills. 

I created this activity to help my kiddos practice buttoning as well as strengthen their fine motor skills! Ollie (3) struggled a little at first until he got the hang of it and then repeated the activity at least 20 times since yesterday and Max (5) did a fantastic job from the start!

To Do:

There are so many varieties and different supplies you could use to do this activity. I used a pipe cleaner and attached buttons to both ends. That keeps the foam pieces on as well as it becomes easy removal to get the pieces off. I then cut small pieces of foam sheets (I was looking for felt but didn’t have that at home).

I folded the square foam sheets in half and just cut a slit in it. Depending on your child’s fine motor skills: make the slit bigger for kids that just need to grasp the concept and smaller slits for kids that you want to challenge aka a tighter hole to fit through. You could also use smaller buttons to create a more challenging activity!