We bought some pumpkins this weekend but we are waiting to carve the faces until it is closer to Halloween so we are back to playing with the paper pumpkins HA! My kids love using clothespins as pinchers in activities so I thought it would be fun to make these faces using clothespins!

We have a book of stickers I got with a bunch of different facial features and you are supposed to make silly faces –so that is where these face stickers come from! You don’t need to have stickers, you could draw on faces right on the clothespin or you could draw them out of paper and glue them on–I just took the easy route and used stickers!

This activity is really meant to strengthen their fine motor skills but it also turned into silly activity as they were interchanging the faces! I made my pumpkins on cardstock and just colored the pumpkins with markers  so it was sturdier when they added the clothespins! And….if I had a laminator I would’ve laminated them!  Overall it was an easy and fun activity for my boys!