I loved doing color by number activities when I was a kid. There wasn’t a lot of creativity but I still loved doing them and “matching” numbers. My son, Max loves to color and states that he wants to be an artist someday so we do a lot of coloring at our house.  Today I tried to sneak in a little math along with the coloring. 

I used his name as the picture to help with letter recognition and recognizing his name. I divided the letters up into sections–wrote numbers 1-6 on them (you can use any numbers) and made a color coded key.  If you look at the second photo that was what we started with (matching numbers) but in the first photo is the more challenging one—one to one correspondence while reorganizing and matching the amounts.  He really enjoyed this—he would’ve done more if I made them! After a while your kids can start writing the numbers and making their own key!