This is another simple activity that provides so much learning.  I drew and colored the hearts (strategic placement to form a heart) and then I gave my kids a key and they were to connect the lines using the color represented on the key.  This was SO great for visual discrimination because there is so much visually matching, comparing, identifying and so much more. 

You could copy the color pattern exactly as I did or you can make your own. I would choose 3 different colors for the hearts and 3 different colors for the lines to keep it realistic. Then when you choose the amount of hearts around the outside (I did 12) Just make sure the number is divisible by 3 because when you color code the pattern around the heart, you want to start and end with the full 3 color pattern –there is strategy in this. If you randomly color the hearts around the outside then when they are connecting the lines it won’t turn into a closed heart.  The hearts that are inside the heart can be any color because any lines can be connected to those. Don’t mention to your child it is a heart and see if they can figure it out as they go.