Okay…this was an AMAZING activity simply because my kids stuck to it for a long time! They have always enjoyed going to the carwash and watching the process. They especially love the colored foam soap that squirts out. We call it the rainbow car wash!

So… I tried to replicate it at home for a play experience and they LOVED it. They were washing the car, bikes, scooters you name it–everything got washed and they did a great job with it! I was even about to have them wash my own car but then I thought again….

TO DO: First, the squirt bottles I used were 2/$1 at Dollar Tree or I know you can find them on Amazon and the bottle of shaving cream was also a dollar!  I started by filling the bottle half way up with water and food coloring  and then added some shaving cream to thicken it up and make it foamy.

Then, SHAKE  and SQUIRT! I also gave them sponges, extra shaving cream and buckets of water to get the full car wash experience!