Brain Tease! I love when I can create an activity that really gets the brain moving! And this activity is just that! Not only do you have to touch one side of the colored stick to its color but you also must touch the other end to its corresponding color…. It is simple but with a challenging twist!

To do this activity:

  1. Find some cardboard or paper 
  2. Draw circles on your cardboard **make sure they are stick length apart** and then color them different colors (or whatever colored stickers you are using)
  3. Make 20 or so popsicle sticks using colored stickers on the end of each popsicle stick or markers will work (I used stickers so that I could peel them off and reuse the popsicle sticks). *TIP* Set the popsicle sticks out on the circles and then put the stickers on according to what colors they were touching
  4. Match!