This is such a great way for your kids to do a fun activity while also exercising their fine motor skills! The kids started out wanting to make a crayon garden, but it sure didn’t take long for that to turn into a CRAZY garden.

To begin the crayon garden we took an Amazon box and wrapped it with white paper (you do not need to wrap if you don’t want to). I then gathered a bunch of crayons,  pipe cleaners (plain wire also works) and I punched little holes (using a screwdriver) all over the box (even the sides). 

To get started you need to teach your child how to wrap the crayon.  Lay the pipe cleaner down and put the crayon in the middle. Show your child how to wrap it a few times and then proceed to stick one end in one hole and the other in the other hole. Repeat! In the pictures you will see the different stages we went through in this “garden” process!