This is a good one!!! I  know it  was a great activity because we did it MULTIPLE TIMES!!  My kids are born fish! They LOVE water and everything about water. The hose is fascinating, the sink is fascinating, sprinklers are fascinating, the toilet water is fascinating. So any activity involving water they LOVE. It is just a “different” way of playing with water

TO DO: You will need to find  a semi dark colored sidewalk, street, parking lot, or driveway to do this activity so that you have contrasting colors. As you can see in this photo we had light black driveway so the water just brightened up the driveway. Find a plastic cup or a bottle and poke a small hole in the bottom (like the size of a pin)! Fill a bucket with water to serve as a refill station! Fill your cup with water and cover the bottom hole with another finger until you want to start drawing! Next up, Create!