I put a lot of elements into this activity to get the most out of it so here it goes! First my kids were to cut the shapes out (fine motor) but while doing so they were noticing a lot of things: 

First they noticed I drew 5 shapes and outlined them in the numbers of sides they have, not only to understand shapes and  how many sides each shape has but also for number recognition!  They also noticed I put the “dice” layout in the middle of each shape (number corresponding to the number of sides) for more number recognition (in a different way).

I did this so that when they were finished cutting the shapes out, we could use them to practice subitizing— If you don’t know what that is, it just means your child would flip through these cards saying the amount of dots they see without counting! For more info on subitizing I did a post last week (see below in grid) about it!  My brain now hurts from thinking about all these concepts but Happy Learning!