This is one of my favorite activities my kids have done because it became an amazing teachable moment. To see change, we must change. And by change I mean educating our youngest learners to grow up in a society where differences are accepted and celebrated.

We need to help them see the beauty in all races, cultures, beliefs, skin colors, ect. and know that they might not be the same as ours but that is what makes everyone unique and special! During this great fine motor activity, Max (6) and I talked about how these people represent the beautiful, colorful world that we live in. It doesn’t take a lot of explaining rather just making them aware that this is what is beautiful!

These stencils are actually the outline of a mini bitmoji of myself that I made for my preschool students in the spring when they started distant learning HA! I had these pieces left over after I cut my bitmoji out and I knew they could be used for something and I was right!

I know not everyone has people stencils but they are super simple to make –you can just draw a person on a piece of paper and cut it out and then you have the outside outline left for your stencil. I also LOVE these Multicultural markers from Crayola which is what Max used to color!