I have always loved the block people that I have seen where  there is a bottom and top and they are interchangeable. Have you seen those? I have always wanted them but instead thought we might be able to make them using Duplos! Max (6) enjoyed the MegaBloks puzzle we did earlier this year (see below) so I knew this would be a hit.  I got out my regular markers and skin color markers from @crayola and told Max we were going to make Duplo people.

As I gave him the skin color markers I told him that those were the  colors he should use for their skin/face. I didn’t say make it look like you, I didn’t say make some different colors, I didn’t say make all of them the same but just to “USE” them. He ended up using  a lot of different colors for skin which I loved and was ultimately my goal. Just by providing this simple opportunity to make people with the correct “skin color”  markers he was able to create  beautiful multicultural block people with no re-thinking, no bias and no judgement.