Tornadoes can be scary for kids because ultimately they are scary! Before I had my teaching license I worked in a childcare center with two and three year olds. One evening we had a horrific tornado wipe through our city and unfortunately a little 2 year old boy that was in my childcare class was killed in his own home during this tornado. The wind carried his little body to a pond where we didn’t survive and his sister who hours before was a smart, outgoing and happy child become paralyzed from the head down, unable to speak, with a severe brain injury. That family’s life will NEVER be the same. HEARTBREAKING! Which is why I take tornadoes very seriously and why I like to talk to children about them and how safe we truly do need to be. 

I know not everyone has tornadoes where they live but in the end, everyone has some kind of severe weather that they need to talk to their child about and why we need to take shelter and be safe. I hope that Sierra can help your child to better understand severe weather and the precautions we should take. And as always, thank you for watching!