Make sure you read the directions because the picture can be deceiving! Oil and Water..I love those two things together because they can create such cool effects in so many different activities! In this activity, when you drop the water on the oil  the drops begin to dance around as you add more drops until the entire shape is filled in (and they can no longer dance).

The best part of this is you can even bump the tray a little and the water won’t seep out the sides! A very fun visual activity as well as great at strengthening those little hands. BONUS! You can even use this to mix colors!

Here is the interesting part, To Do…Put a very thin layer of vegetable oil on the bottom of a tray (I just poured a little in the middle of the baking tray and spread it around by moving the tray to make sure the layer was really thin)! Use cookie cutters or any “shape holders” and set on top of the vegetable oil. Mix water and food coloring in cups. Use an eyedropper to fill the letters.