Since we made triangles last week (see triangle trace below) I thought we could work on creating some squares this week! This was an easy prep activity, fun and educational. Max(6) and Ollie(3) both enjoyed doing this but you can only imagine that they looked completely different! It was fun to see Max making a square within a square within a square and actually understanding what he was doing! He was also realizing that he needed to have the same amount of dots on all sides in order for it to form a square.  It is fun to see those Aha moments!

This is pretty self-explanatory but in photo 2 you will see all of the dots I lined up on a page. I just separated them by about an inch and lined them all up close enough to make a square. Then talk to your child about the small squares he/she can find and the big ones!  Demo what to do  by tracing some squares with your fingers!