I feel so fortunate that my boys like to do arts and crafts and these cute “gingerbread brothers” are  exactly why! We got this giant box full of art supplies  from WeeYo @weeyo on Amazon and I AM IN LOVE! This box had more than enough supplies to keep my kids busy for hours and days–swipe to see photos of all the supplies! All of the supplies are included even the scissors and glue! The only thing I added was the RECYCLED BROWN PAPER GROCERY BAG which I cut the gingerbread people out of. 

Here is the best part, Ollie (3) at first put a sad face on his. Usually I would just leave it because that is “his art and it is okay to be sad” but when I asked him why it was sad he said, “because it doesn’t have any ice cream.” I think this actually reflected his real life because he loves ice cream and I earlier said no to an ice cream bar for breakfast. HA! So I did help him create the ice cream cone so that his gingerbread could be happy and Ollie was also VERY HAPPY with this!