I have been waiting to use this as a SAVE on a rainy day and late yesterday afternoon it rained! So we gave it a try. Since this can get a little messy I had the kids go in the garage and do it or you can do it in a dark room.  It is so simple but they really enjoyed it because of it’s glowing effect! After they proceeded to go in the house and empty out the entire ice bin to bring out to also paint.  I would say it was a hit!


  • Block of ice  (I froze water in a tupperware container)
  • Liquid paint (I watered down tempera paint)
  • Flash light (I used a mini lantern)
  • Plastic storage container
  • Salt (optional)


Place a flashlight underneath your plastic container with the light facing upwards. Set your ice on top of the box and paint!  I gave them a salt shaker as well and let them sprinkle some salt on –it helped it melt so they could see the different colors mixing together to form new colors!