We had another birthday in the family! This time it was my sister’s and I decided to up my game from the cake decorating present that we made for my sister in law.  I have been wanting to do more “homemade” special gifts during this time of quarantine. Since we have extra time on our hands while staying home we might as well explore our creativity! My husband really enjoyed this activity because it meant he would have to drink the Smirnoff in order for the kids to do the project–what a chore!

I thoroughly washed the bottles and aired them out outside to dry up all the moisture. I then had my kids decorate the bottles with polka-dot stickers (which they absolutely loved) and then had them decorate a large sheet of butcher paper with stickers and markers. I wrapped the case like I was wrapping a present with the decorated butcher paper and just cut off the top–so simple! And my kids (with clean hands) helped fill the jars—it was also a great fine motor activity for them and they also loved that they were “playing” with candy! 

You could fill the jars with anything small. You could also just leave the bottles full and have your kiddos decorate the outside part of the carrying case as well as put stickers on the bottles–just to make it more personal.   Not only does this make for a great birthday gift to leave on someones front steps but also Father’s Day is approaching and we all know a lot of dads would appreciate this 🙂 

TIP: Buy drinks with caps that twist off so you can put them back on. We bought Smirnoff Ice Zero Sugar Original (and it had the cute handle saying sugar free–and we all know this is ALL sugar free…right?)