When we think of early literacy, we think about letters, sounds, writing, stories but we forget to think about some of the critical components like turning pages which plays an important role in learning to read!

Turning pages takes practice! It takes practice to grasp the thin pages or the big board book pages. It takes practice turning to the next page instead of skipping pages. It takes practice learning to turn pages from front to back!  So never overlook turning pages. It is a skill that must be met in order to read independently!

To Do: I wrote letters A-Z on post-it notes and hid them in order in the book-one on each page. As my kids turned the pages they would pull out the letters and put them in alphabetical order. They knew when they skipped a page because not only would the letters be out of order but the color pattern I wrote the letters in would be off…and why not include patterns to incorporate one more skill into the activity!