If your children are bouncing off the walls from the excessive time that we’re all spending inside, a trend that’s been making it’s way across social media lately might actually allow your TV to be a great way to let them get some excitement out!

After placing large plastic storage containers or laundry baskets on the floor in front of the TV, have them sit inside while you set up your Smart TV or streaming device. From there you simply need to search “Roller coaster POV” on YouTube and the results will show you hundreds of videos of roller coaster rides from the point-of-view of the very front seat!

If the kids are light enough you can put the container on your lap as the kids watch the videos — giving the “car” some extra bumps and twists while they’re on your lap adds some additional excitement for the kids and gives you a great leg workout at the same time!

Today we watched videos of roller coasters in California, Ohio and even Japan! Ollie (3) was excited just sitting in his “car” while the video played, but Max (5) was much more active and made sure he followed the coasters every move! The theme parks might all be closed right now but that definitely shouldn’t stop us from exploring and having fun.