Here is my new activity idea!  A picture frame, turned white board, turned activity board!  I was inspired to make this by another blogger creating an ant farm in a picture frame. An ant farm in a frame…What a cool idea right? 

I just loved the idea of the ant farm in a frame so then it got me thinking about this idea. Any old picture frame will work (acrylic/plexiglass is easiest to work with). Mine was 18×24 but I also will be using smaller sizes. Your paper doesn’t have to fill up the entire frame as you will see in my upcoming activities.

Every future insert will have at least 4 activities to go along with it but with all of your creative minds I am sure you could add more. Scroll through the pictures to see close ups and directions for each activity (and the inserts will always be the last picture).

I actually really enjoy putting these together and my kids LOVE doing them!! Win, Win! Please comment on what else you could do with each insert or if you have any questions. I love hearing your ideas!