It has been SO HOT here in Minnesota–Like 100 degrees and SO Humid (100 degrees doesn’t look good on MN)-the grass is dying! So we have had to do a lot of indoor activities and since we couldn’t spend time outside in the sun, we brought the sun in! I  wrote about it before but most of the time I try to include 2 or more different components in one activity. This really helps me in the classroom to quickly get assessments in many different areas.

In this activity for example, I could get an assessment on writing, numbers, counting, measuring and patterning! That is a whole lot of assessments in one! Not only were these activities good for assessments but they also encouraged the kids to expand their thinking and think about multiple tasks at once. Now this isn’t for every child so you have to see where your kids are developmentally.  One component is just fine to work on but if your child needs to be challenged this is a great activity! Happy Sunshine:)