Max (5) started having bad dreams recently, like “someone stole all his drawing from the walls in his bedroom” and my youngest (3) thinks there are monsters everywhere in the house! 

So, I wanted to do something to help the monsters “go away.” I have heard of monster spray before, which by the way is just water, and I thought I would give it a try. To test it out, I had the kids both draw monsters in washable markers on big sheets of paper.

Then we hung them outside on the window (that way the wet marker didn’t drip inside) and I had my kids squirt their “water” monster spray at the monsters to make them disappear! They thought this was so funny– they were laughing and giggling and saying “bye bye monsters.”  Cross our fingers it works!

This activity goes along very nicely with the Tommy Pepper video today called, “Tommy Has A Bad Dream.”