Here is an activity to work on before and after numbers.  Those are extremely important when learning how to add and subtract. This activity also works on matching a number to an amount. I created my own dice so that instead of having the dots they had to count, I wrote the number so they had to do so much more like : recognize numbers, count, one-to-one correspondence and understand that they both represent 5…and I also snuck in a pattern component.

TO DO, I created the dice using a plastic block and glued paper on the sides (it will come off the block with water). I added numbers and since you are creating your dice you can always write higher numbers on the dice instead of 1-6 for more of a challenge.  Then my kids rolled the “dice” and whatever it landed on they would put that amount of buttons on the middle snowman and then one less to the left and one more to the right. Both boys ages 3 & 6 enjoyed this activity!