We count MULTIPLE times throughout our day. Just stop and think about it–It is fascinating! This is why counting is so crucial in early development because pretty soon it will be something that children need to do to function each day if they want to take on different roles and responsibilities (which young kids don’t have much of yet). 

It is also important that we teach kids before and after numbers and begin counting in the middle of a sequence of numbers instead of always at 1. By doing this you are increasing their ability to solve addition and subtraction problems more easily.

This is what I did with these candy canes. I did these for Ollie (3) so I was just practicing going up by 1’s, but you could do 2s, 5s or 10s depending on where your child is at. He would find the missing numbers and glue them on…and note that I didn’t start at 1 when counting.  Ollie absolutely loved these and asked to do more when he was done however sometimes I think if it has the word candy in it he will always enjoy it HA!