This activity is so easy and there are so many possibilities to it! Mazes are a fun and exciting way to learn which is why I turned this piece of paper into a name maze while adding a pattern.  Depending on where your child is at, adding the pattern can be optional but as I have posted about before, I always like to get as many skills in at once! You could also do this maze searching for all the A’s or B’s or numbers searching for all the 5’s! Or, you might even have a better idea!

TIP: After you have all the boxes made (I used a ruler to measure but you really don’t have to) FIRST write your child’s name through the maze wherever you want it. After you have their name in, then fill in the other boxes with letters but ***BIGGEST TIP don’t use any of the letters in their name in the other boxes–it just makes it simpler for us to make and for them to be successful in figuring it out!