Come meet Tommy (puppet)!  Tommy teaches about personal space by demonstrating through an activity that  sometimes we are too close to others or sometimes we are too far away and shouting at others. How do we know how much personal space a person needs? Let Tommy teach you!

Objective: To help students understand the distance they should be apart when talking to someone,

How will learning take place? Through  an engaging puppet video lesson to help students learn the importance of personal space followed by a social story game.

Why teach this? Everyone needs personal space to move, breathe and talk. Students need to learn how much space is appropriate so that they can stay that far apart or come closer to effectively communicate.

Additional Components (not included in the digital version on Boom Learning): There will be discussion questions, a transition activity to close the lesson as well as an extended learning idea on how to embed this casually into your classroom throughout the week or even better the year!

Find the game here: I Can Stay In My Personal Space/puppet 

Digital Version on boom learning: I Can Stay In My Personal Space (puppet)

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