My kids LOVE to fish and they both have actually gotten quite good at it! Every day they ask dad to take them fishing and it is the highlight of their day (Mom on the other hand does not like to touch the fish). So this was a great fishing activity that “Mom” could do with them and I didn’t even mind taking these fish off the hook . After it being 90+degrees today, this is totally my kind of fishing!


I first put water in a container and I dyed it blue with food coloring. Add ice cubes to the water. Find a piece of string or yarn (is what I used). Lay the yarn or string on top of the ice cubes. Allow your child to sprinkle salt over the string as seen in photos(I just put salt in a bowl and let my kids sprinkle it on). After it sits for a few seconds, lift the string to see how many “ice fish” you caught!  


When you lay the string or yarn on top of the ice cube and add a bit of salt to the top of the string it begins to melt the ice but then quickly refreezes which is why it is able to stick to the string/yarn. This could become a great experiment to see how long you need to let the ice sit to get the most ice cubes attached and/or how much/little salt you need to get them to stick.