Happy Summer Everyone! To kick off summer I thought we would jump on the rainbow rice bandwagon but with a twist. I thought it would be fun to do something with the yummy fruity smells of summer so we made Kool-Aid Rice!  It actually smells really good! I was always hesitant to make sensory rice at home because having boys I figured it would be messy and all over the place but it really wasn’t so bad.

The process went so quick from the time I made it to the time it dried. I added in some plastic bottles and scoops that I got at the Dollar Store.  I also gave my boys some little kid brooms and dustpans so they could clean up after themselves (and with my kids…using brooms can be an activity just by itself). Win Win!


  • split the rice up into how many sections you want (I did 4 so roughly 2.5 lbs in each bag).
  • Add two pouches of any kind of Kool-Aid mix to the rice
  • Add water (start with 1tbs and see if you need more)
  • Mix, shake, whatever you need to do to get the color all over the rice
  • Lay the rice out to dry on wax paper. Mine was dry in about an hour!


  • Kool-Aid packets (two packets work best)
  • 10 lb bag of rice (I got mine at Target for under $5)
  • Gallon baggies
  • Water (I know many people use different liquids to mix but if you really want the rice to have a Kool-Aid summer smell, use water)