Living in Minnesota, the weather is always unpredictable. It can go from 50 one day to -10 the next. Even though it is warm out now (hopefully it stays) my kids are always up for doing any seasonal weather related activities  no matter the season. So we decided to do some snow play.

I spread shaving cream all over an (old) table, because as we know shaving cream works as a nice cleaner (win,win) and had my son, Ollie push a medicine cup through the “snow” to act as a snow plow. He loved “clearing the roads” for his car friends and he also liked that the shaving cream wasn’t sticking to him…rather it was sticking to the cup . 

Any size cup will work, I just tried to find the smallest cup so it took longer to clean up the snow!  After round one, you can pull the shaving cream off the cup and spread it back all over the table and do it all over again!  Just reuse the same shaving cream over and over! 

This is also a trick if you just want to clean up the shaving cream–use a cup and it makes for easy clean-up.  I love when cleaning turns into FUN!