Don’t let the picture fool you. As nice as that photo looks literally 3 minutes ago the chickpeas completely covered my counter and floor. Ollie (3) Was shaking them and the bag wasn’t zipped so we spent that last 15 minutes doing 30294+ pick up!  Even though we had a little set back, it was worth it because Ollie LOVED this activity! 

We continue to stay busy over here with distant learning kindergarten so I continue to need “low maintenance”  activities for Ollie to do so I decided to try this! He has always loved scooping and pouring and really anything and everything sensory related and since it is winter I thought this would be a perfect fine motor challenge for him.  

I had a bag of chickpeas laying around to use for something (because I just love playing with them–one of my favorite sensory items) and put them in a ziplock, squirted some white washable paint in and shook the bag. Once they were all covered in paint I dried them on wax paper and drying took like 10 minutes. Then I scattered them on a tray and he scooped them with a spoon to wintry cookie cutters!