Calling all 90’s kids!  Do you remember the great game of Kerplunk?!! I loved this game as a child and I thought I would teach it to my children..however, not having the game we needed a DIY Kerplunk! I planned on using a colander but ended up using a steamer pan (either will work).  Then I taught my boys how to put the spaghetti noodles through both holes. This took a lot of patience and hand/eye coordination but they loved doing it –It was a great way to work on perseverance! I then used pom poms on top of the noodles (or marbles/anything small will work) and we practiced carefully removing the noodles and crossing our fingers that the pom pom stayed on top for a while. 

It was so exciting that it was hard for them to take turns because of the impulse to pull and the anticipation of the pom poms falling  But, in the end it really taught the importance of taking turns! I am leaving it in an activity bin for now so that they can continue to go back and play it only this time….they can set it up and do it themselves…independence at it’s finest!