Celebrating holidays in these uncertain times is certainly a challenge. Some of us are used to getting together with extended family members to enjoy each other’s company and possibly even get everyone dressed up in their best “spring/Easter” outfit for the rare photo opportunity with everyone looking so cleaned up!

Since this isn’t the case this year, to make things “different” and more fun for my kids, I put together a Spring Formal for them! They did a photo shoot on the “white” carpet, went on a simple egg hunt around the basement and danced to “Trolls” songs! 

For the photo shoot, I just dug out some holiday lights, made a sign,connected the eggs to a string to hang down from the sign, and put out a white blanket (instead of a red carpet a white carpet).

We might all be staying at home right now, but with your own white carpet this is a great opportunity for your family to have some fun and look your best!