Only color the letters in your name!  This activity is so magical because you are unable to see the heart before you color (swipe to see before photo).  I told Max that there would be a surprise in the picture if he followed the directions:) The best part is that they don’t realize all of the letters in their name are around the middle in a heart shape so they are visually seeing and identifying other letters while looking just for theirs!

It is easy to do. You first draw the heart shape of hearts and fill those in with the letters in your child’s name. Then make hearts all over the page surrounding that heart. Then put all the other letters of the alphabet (besides the ones in their name) in all the rest of the hearts. I just went through the alphabet A-Z filling the hearts and then repeated while leaving out the letters in Max’s name. The letters of your child’s name should ONLY be used in the heart formation!