*Favorite activity alert*

This is one of my favorite activities I have done so far because it is so unique, fun and engaging! Moving water drops around is fascinating for young children because it is so intriguing on how and why you are able to do this! 

The simplified reason that I can provide is that the laminated paper, wax paper or a sheet protector (what I used) are water resistant so the water isn’t going to stick or spread making it easy to move around the paper. However, the water will stick to a different substance such as wood (toothpick). Molecules are involved somehow but that goes too in depth for my understanding!


  1. Draw colored buckets on a piece of paper and slid it into a sheet protector (or you can use laminated paper or wax paper)
  2. Dye water using food coloring
  3. Use an eye dropper to put the colored drops on top of the sheet protector
  4. Use a toothpick to drag the water drops (go slow at first)

TIP: You can experiment with how big the drops can be but from our experience the smaller drops work the best.